Our Innovations WOODEN WICKS

Exclusive and inventive, organic and multisensory, Lumetique's wooden wick technology is a natural alternative to traditional cotton wicks. With numerous utility and design patents, Lumetique's planar, multi-layered, curved and varied shape designed wicks made from wood, semi-wood or fibrous material, brings you the soothing sound of soft, crackling firewood. Lumetique's wooden wick technology provides improved capillary flow, inimitable visual ambiance and rare acoustic release. Usable in a variety of decorative applications, candles using the wooden wick provide for a safer, cleaner burning, multi-sensory alternative to the prior, traditional wick technology.

Captivating ambiance that reinvents the familiar through the progression of sight, sound and function - this is the essence of wooden wicks.


A modern day oil lamp meets an alluring fireplace concept with artistic expression and provocative ambiance... our Luminesse Technology redefines sensational design. The patented fragrance release system emits a unique flame formation, while the proprietary oil delivers a naturally-derived alternative to petroleum-based fireplace and lamp fuels. Usable in a variety of decorative applications, the Luminesse Technology transforms a room with its contemporary shapes and materials.

From its patented elongated wick system to the emanation of tantalizing essences, the Luminesse Technology showcases a new paradigm of ambiance.